About the Writer

Storytelling is my passion. While I am no novelist and haven’t changed the course of the world (yet), I am convinced of the power communication has to play in day-to-day life.

It appears everywhere: in classrooms, in newsrooms, in the home, on Facebook. While every medium has its own niceties, the point remains the same: to effectively transfer your knowledge to another human being.

Without this, we would be lost. We would be paranoid, miserable beings, too afraid of others to ever create the world we have today. Storytelling is more than books. It is the way we shape the world we live in.

As such, this blog is dedicated to the art of storytelling of any form. Don’t be so naïve to think stories only happen in books. While you would easily find me nested with a pile of books by my desk, be aware that stories are much bigger than ink and paper. Stories are the embodiment of experience, available for all to see.


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