Bold One

I have never known anyone else like him.

The gentle confidence he holds permeates his frame – his stance, his gait, his voice.

But most of all, his eyes. With a glance and a nod, you know he’ll get the job done. You can’t help but trust him — how could someone so certain do otherwise?

I’m blushing with shame. I blush because I envy him.

Sitting across from each other, coffee in hand, he tells me the same story, time and time again — I have the same potential as he. I, too, am made for great things.

I know, I know, I say. And yet my heart sees, along the seam of the beaten, wooden table, the disparity between us.

I must try. I must keep moving. Because if I don’t, I will never meet my goal. I will never reach him… or, perhaps, more to the point, I will never reach myself.

Fallen leaves trade places with snow. The winds have shifted. I string up my sails, testing the winds. And look forward.

A song rises in my heart, a smile upon my lips.

It is time.


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