The Right to Become

A thousand faces of every shade,
Eyes that glow in every glade
Looking up, looking out
Only Asking
To Become.

Promised little more than dust – e’en that
Scooped from beneath their tired feet –
Sold at a premium.
At least the Air
is Free…

Caged and wild, the multitude rips, tears,
kills to grasp at precious baubles, tinged red
with blood. Perhaps now
their false go(l)d will
save them.

Why are infant fingers taught to clench?
Why do their innocent eyes shine green?
Starved for knowledge, beggars
Now moldy Lies

Marketing us baser pleasures as
a Panacea! Planting Flaws in
our skin, which we flay for
an Ingratiating

How can we bare our hearts with love, in
a world armed with scalpels and knives?
“Buy our dreams,” they say,
“and Sleep your Life

No, I say – our Right is our Birthright.
Our Right to Become, to give birth to
Our Ideal Selves. We must
Strive with every ounce of
ourselves, to now

Strive with every Heartbeat, to make yours
Felt. Feel it pulse with all of creation,
and in your fellow man!
Risk it all, and
discover your
True Self.


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