Daily Prompt: The absolute and true story of my recent life (from the cat’s perspective)

Cats are always the diva. Especially when the story isn’t about them. Check out this fantastic post!

And Now for Something Completely Different


This is the absolute and true story of my recent life.

At one time, it was a good life, a great life, actually. Like most of my species, I am hesitant at using superlatives, instead preferring to hold back and observe before praising; but I can say, now that it is over, that indeed my life was wonderful.

I lived with two humans, both of whom adored me. Of course they did, for I was (and am still) perfect, and completely worthy of adoration. I am a tri-color, what humans in this part of the world call “Calico,” and the pattern of black, ginger and white I was born with is quite attractive. Apparently, my personality was a constant source of delight to my human staff, because they fussed and played with me endlessly.


The smaller, female human was gone most days, leaving me to spend time with the male…

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