Brave New World, Pt. I: Cabinet Tales

There are few things in this life as exciting, difficult and painful as a move.

Oh deer...

Did I mention all of the deer? This is from my bedroom window.

A few short weeks ago, I landed a new position (and a new adventure!) in Wheeling, West Virginia. While this quaint little town, squeezed between hills, deer and water is no bustling city, the lack of straight roads and grid systems made my first few days here a nightmare.

Luckily, I already had a splendid little apartment all lined up in a historic home in a historic neighborhood: Maplehurst Mansion in the Woodsdale neighborhood.

The Mansion

My new abode: the Maplehurst Mansion.

I have nearly emptied every box I so carefully wrapped, stuffed and stacked into the U-Haul under two weeks ago. It definitely would have helped if the kitchen hadn’t been an unholy disaster.

Let me repeat: an unholy disaster.


See? Nasty. Disgusting. *After* I cleaned it.

While the rest of the apartment got a little TLC from my landlord, the reno budget fell short to replace the gaudy and grimy circa 70s cabinets. Let me assure you. They were horrible. The last time they had been cleaned was when the last landlord perilously installed them without any sense of right angles or straight lines.

And, oh, the cheapness. The dirty cheapness. These cabinets required a *lot* of tender, loving care. So off to the local Lowes we went!

The cheap particle board and contact paper obviously wouldn’t stand to sanding; neither did I own any such equipment. So it was time to get quick and dirty with this little reno project. A big box of TSP aided in the deep cleansing of these nasty and smelly things.

But the real savior was the primer: Zinsser’s Cover Stain.

Painting Saviour

Zinsser is seriously the best paint you could ever ask for. Goes on anything!

This has to be the most amazing stuff ever. It covered up EVERYTHING. It clung to the cruddy cabinets like a bad boy and made the colored coat really shine.

Now not only do the cabinets *look* better; they smell better, too! Finally I have my entire kitchen put away. A few doors left to prime, paint and hang; at least my kitchen is out of the living room!

Almost done!

All that’s left: the doors. I’m warming up to the open concept quite a bit, though!


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