Manifesto : Rebirth

Sitting on flight 3317, soaring from Chicago to Lincoln, my nose was buried in a book.

Not surprising, I know. But the book was spectacular. Your Network Is Your Net Worth was hot off the press in June 2013. I had met the author, Porter Gale, at Think Tank, a media marketing conference at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln just a month before.

Her life story alone is fascinating – I highly suggest you check out her blog. But her book is the greatest source of inspiration and direction I have had during my career’s rocky start. Her exemplary writing, her collection of stories from people across every walk of life, and her fantastic tips and exercises for self-evaluation are fitting for anyone wishing to reevaluate their life goals.

One of her suggestions was to create a manifesto.

Being soft-spoken, articulating my own desires isn’t exactly natural. But this exercise gave me great insight about my own values. Sometimes stopping and smelling the roses makes you realize you hate roses and you’d rather smell lilacs.

As I come to a crossroads in my life, I now share my personal manifesto: an adherence to rebirth, change and growth, my own namesake.

Manifesto : Rebirth

I am a writer. I am a musician. And I am a dreamer.

I am not afraid to live my dream. I will love myself, as a work-in-progress and paramount example of humanity. I will always improve, and I will always act. I will follow my heart and believe in myself. And I will believe in my dream.

I dream of a world where every man, woman and child has a chance for a joyous and fulfilled life. I dream of a world where politics and agendas no longer mask the contexts of culture, history and relationships. I dream of a world where we reach past our fears in order to touch and understand each other and our dreams.

All of us, I included, must come to terms with the world, its people, their own selves and their own god(s). I will allow myself to discover these inner truths and will not withhold others from discovering their own.

I will embrace fear and failure. I will ignore the doubters, most of all myself.

I will learn something new every day, traveling the world to open my mind.

I will keep writing. I will keep playing. And I will keep dreaming.


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